Little kits of the Lion and Dark Clans, there was once only one Clan. That Clan was LionClan.

You are clearly wondering what life was like. Foxstar was the deputy of LionClan, and Crowstar was a plain warrior. Darklion was an apprentice then, as was Sunlion.

So, how did DarkClan come about? I'll tell you just that. Let's sit back and relive memories...

Darkpaw and Sunpaw were sent to sleep. When they woke up, the Rise had already taken place. They heard about the Rise only from the leader then, Dapplinglion.

Now, Dapplinglion was old, and knew that the two would soon take her place. She explained everything- about the rebellious cats that had broke off of LionClan and formed DarkClan.

They'd forced Foxscar and Crowtail to come with them.

Now, after Dapplinglion and Winterstar (leader of DarkClan) died, then rose the Four. The Four was Darklion, Foxstar, Sunlion, and Crowstar- the leaders and medicine cats of these Clans.

These four cats made their Clans great.

And now stands the modern Clans, under the same leadership since these cats were granted No Death. The Four will never die.

They will remain our fair leaders forever, keeping peace between the Clans.

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