Welcome to LionClan!


You walk around in the Twilight Forest, searching for today's safe sleep spot. You find a great willow tree and rush over, pushing away the branches to reveal other cats.

Slowly you back away, startled that a lot of cats already live there. You get ready to run when you bump into something.


You whip around, and there stands a dark cat with blazing blue eyes. "I am Darklion," she says. "Welcome to LionClan."

To JoinEdit

If you wish to join LionClan, plz put a message in the comments with the following info:

Cat's Name

Username or Nickname

Cat's Description



Other (scars, twisted foot, etc.)

Mate (optional, but if your cat has one you must fill this out for them too)

I will then comment saying 'Accepted' and you can start roleplaying!

Roleplay PagesEdit

These pages are where the cats of LionClan can roleplay.

LionClan Camp The basic camp.

The Great Willow Located in the Twilight Forest, this willow serves as den and meeting place for all LionClan cats.

Twilight Forest Each night, the moon casts a silver glow over this forest at Twilight Hour.

Northhunt The best place to hunt in the north.

Southhunt The best place to hunt in the south.

Westhunt The best place to hunt in the west.

Easthunt The best place to hunt in the east.

Training Place Where mentors and apprentices can train.

Secret Cavern A place for medicine cats only!

Members of LionClanEdit



Gray she-cat with blue eyes


Medicine CatEdit


Golden she-cat with green eyes






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