Welcome to DarkClan!


You glance warily around. This forest is dark and scary. You don't want to be here but you don't know how to get out.

You look from side to side when suddenly you bump into something.

You back up, thinking it's a tree.

It's a cat.

A handsome ginger tom looms over you. "I am Foxstar," he says. "Welcome to DarkClan."

To JoinEdit

If you wish to join DarkClan, plz put a message in the comments with the following info:

Cat's Name

Username or Nickname

Cat's Description



Other (scars, twisted foot, etc.)

Mate (optional, but if your cat has one you must fill this out for them too)

I will then comment saying 'Accepted' and you can start roleplaying!

Roleplay PagesEdit

These pages are where the cats of LionClan can roleplay.

DarkClan Camp The basic camp.

The High Boulder Located in the Night Forest, this serves as a shelter and meeting place for the DarkClan cats.

Night Forest This forest is the darkest place in the territories of LionClan and DarkClan. At its very center is the High Boulder.

Hunt-at-North The best place to hunt in the north.

Hunt-at-South The best place to hunt in the south.

Hunt-at-West The best place to hunt in the west.

Hunt-at-East The best place to hunt in the east.

Training Canyon Where mentors and apprentices can train. Stay away from the edge!

Hidden Hollow A place for medicine cats only!

Members of DarkClanEdit



Handsome ginger tom with a scar down one front leg and green eyes


Medicine CatEdit


Gray tom with soft blue eyes






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